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It was a fantastic experience and we also got a free upgrade to a Jucy Grande which was a nice start to an awesome holiday full of memories and fun moments. We got to see the rural side of France and all the charm of the small villages , no hesitation in recommend this type of holiday to my friends.

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Campervan Hire France - Book with the Experts.

Planning a campervan hire holiday to France and need to hire a mobile camper? We have joined up with all the big names in the holiday motorhome rental in France that include VAN-IT, PURE Motorhomes McRent and BIG Sky Motorhome rentals , providing a facility for you to compare prices and packages easily. How ?  Enter your campervan hire France travel dates into the booking engine and all available motorhome and RV rental options will be displayed, with additional option to refind your search on berth size or your budget level.     

Book Campervan Early For Best Choice

Booking  your France campervan rental will ensure you get not only the best deals, but also the best price. The high season months of May, June July and August can be fully booked if you leave booking your motorhome rental too late in additional the nest price is always reserved for the early birds.

Preparing for a Family Campervan Trip in France

A tour of France in luxury or small budget campingvan with your family is a great way to bond while discovering the best destinations this country has to offer. Renting a campervans should always be an option to consider when you're planning because it adds to the adventure factor and it has great possibilities of covering more locations without spending too much.

Campervan parked France

Parked Camper with scenic view

If you are leaning towards hiring a motorhome in France's many picturesque regions on your next family vacation, here are some things you need to consider:

Planning for Your Trip

There is no substitute for a well-planned camper  rental vacation since it lessens the hassles and possible problems that may occur while you're on the road.

  • If you are bringing kids on your France campervan hire trip that are younger than ten years old, it is always important to prepare an appropriate seat for your child. For older children, make sure they are orientated and reminded of the safety rules while riding a rented motorhome in France.  Visit for furtrher informationon motoring safety in France
  • Consider the size of RV or motorhome you will rent out based on the number of family members you have. The bigger your family, the bigger the RV you will need. This is to ensure your comfort, safety, and often times compliance with the French campgrounds and road policies.

Here are some of the practical tips the family should follow while on the road in a motorhome (you can add more on your list if needed):

  • Always remain seated with seatbelts on while moving on the road
  • Breaks are essential for everyone especially if it's an emergency
  • make sure small children under the age of ten are not riding on the front seat
  • Make sure they are securely seated and beside an adult
  • If there's a need to use the RV facilities such as kitchen or toilet, stop the vehicle before doing so
  • and stopping at the right area or at least a safe spot beside the road is advisable
  • Remind the children that playtime is only allowed when the vehicle stops
  • Make sure everyone is comfortable - with relaxing music, lights on when driving at night, and blankets and neck pillows are on-hand
  • Ensure you have enough food and other supplies whenever on a campervan rental holiday. You can purchase ingredients for easy to prepare meals in the campervan kitchen, as well as few basic kitchen utensils once you have landed. 
  • Shop for ingredients, fruits, bread, gallons of drinking water, milk and fruit juices, and healthy snacks, among others before you hit the road to see the tourist spots and keep them in the RV's fridge or coolers. Shop for shampoo, soap, toilet paper, and diapers for the baby that will last your entire RV trip as well. By doing so, you can save a good amount of money which you can use for other expenses or upgrading your campervan to one size larger for that added luxury of space. 
  • Check online for campsites within your motorhome route in France. This will ensure that you have plenty of options while you're already there. The point is to NOT end up staying in a hotel when the campervan parks are fully packed. You can also call these sites prior to your flight schedule just to make sure they can accommodate your family.
  • Familiarize yourself with the French road network to to help you decide on the best campervan routes to take. You'll be surprised of the scenic spots, small villages, and must-stop locations just waiting for you.
  • You can also purchase child motorhome seats instead of bringing the one you use at home. This saves you the hassle of carrying extra pounds from home to the airport and to your destination in France. It is also possible to donate or sell the child seat after your camping trip to avoid the same hassles.
  • Don't forget to jot everything down and have this list handy. Have a copy in your mobile phone as well, just for backup.

Some French campervan travellers take the faster route (autoroutes) because they believe the campsites should be the focal point of the trip. However, you will miss out on the roadside attractions and natural wonders that are either backdrops or just a stone's throw away from the road you are treading.


You can check these websites to help you find campsites that are within your chosen route:

And as a final tip for finding campsites, it's always best to have a map and GPS system on-hand. You can be sure to find RVs fully equipped with all the tools and facilities you need.


When everyone's secure, safe and sound in your France motorhome rental, it's time to hit the gas and start the road trip. However, choosing the right type of road is crucial for you to maximise this trip altogether.

It's also important to include in your plan the local attractions along your designated campervan route in order to fully enjoy the trip and the short stops. If money is not an issue, you can always use the 'departmental roads' which are ideal for motorhomes and for seeing many scenic spots.

Finding a campsite in France

Finding campsites with facilities for motorhomes is not a huge problem in France and in many European countries. Campsite administrators know that there are many families go to their locations in rented RVs, so they provide enough facilities and features for them to use.

Typically and depending on the region and season, you will find campsites that require up to €75 per night for large-capacity motorhomes. These locations often have power and water hook-ups for motorhomes, ranging from small to large family capacities.

There are kitchens, bathrooms/toilets, and small shops provided within the premises for the convenience of campers. There are also nearby establishments along the routes where you can stop for water, ice, gas, groceries, and takeaway food.

Campervan Trip in Europe

Getting the most out of your France campervan hire trip in Europe is possible and almost hassle-free. The fact the European Union made is easier for travellers to enjoy the trans-continental border crossings is a relief and allows for seamless transition from one country to the next.

You can take a one-way campervan rental in France with pickup in Paris, for example, and you can return back home via Germany. Another route you can take to maximise your European RV road trip and camping is via France (starting point) and visit Italy and other countries and head home through a flight via Switzerland.

A true test to your family's adventurous side is through European motorhome travel. You can always plan ahead, leave home prepared, and enjoy the road trip ahead without splurging your entire vacation budget.

Campervan Trip in Europe Continued.

Be sure to avoid big cities and attractions within them, such as malls, churches, museums, and other touristy spots because if you do, it's best to get accommodations from a hotel instead. Motorhome travelling and camping are best enjoyed within Europe if you are focused on discovering local markets, villages, and out-of-city scenic spots.